• C-TPAT Certified Member

  • Automate Broker Interface (ABI)

  • Mexican/ Canadian Border Entries

  • Air/Ocean Entries

  • Importer Security Filing (ISF)/10+2

  • Outport Broker Entry Filing

  • QP/WP In-Bonds

  • ACH Statement Payment

  • Remote Location Filing (RLF)

  • ACE e-Manifest

  • FDA Prior Notice/FDA Product Codes

  • Electronic Interface with OGA's (FCC, DOT, FDA, USFW, etc.)

  • U.S. Customs Bond Processing

  • AES (Electronic Shipper Export Declaration)

  • Textile Import Programs Expertise (9000, TPL, 8065, etc.)

  • Maquila/NAFTA/9802 Expertise

  • HAZMAT Importation Expertise

  • Wine/Beer/Spirits Importing Expertise

  • TIB/Temporary Export of Goods (Registrations)

  • Import of Tools of the Trade

  • Household Effects Imports/Exports

  • FTZ and Bonded Warehouse Entries


(RLF) is a CBP program that enables Globe Trade Services to electronically file Customs entries on behalf of our customers in ports other than where we are domiciled. As a result, our customers benefit from consistent and uniform entry processing. Some benefits are:

  • Provides one point of contact

  • Simplifies Customs record keeping

  • Improves compliance with Customs matters

  • Provides for more consistent cargo processing

  • Cuts communication costs

  • Reduces courier expenses

  • Entry and customs release are completely paperless.


If you are interested in learning more about Remote Location Filing or to see if your company qualifies, please contact our import department at

Perishable-focused expertise at your service.

  • 7 day personalized service

  • Extended hours

  • Monitor 24/7

  • FDA/Compliance Clearance Service

  • Offices on both side of the border to facilitate Transportation companies the delivery of documents

U.S. Customs Bonded Carrier / Domestic / International Freight Forwarding

  • In-Bonds (Border/Air/Ocean)

  • Specializing in full container drayage between LB/LA and Baja
    California, Mexico

  • Cross border trucking

  • Domestic LTL/FTL Service

  • International Air/Ocean Service

  • · Specializing in Ensenada, Cabo, Baja California Sur and Central Mexico Home and Business Deliveries

  • Cargo Insurance


Wide arrangements with various of Mexican Customs Broker partners specializing in:

  • Maquiladora Program

  • Texitle Imports/Exports

  • Temporary Imports into Mexico for Special Events (Baja Races, Trade Shows, Special Projects, etc.)

  • Definite imports into Mexico (Border zone and Central/Interior of Mexico)

  • Comercializadora (Mexican Importer of Record Service)

U.S. Customs Bonded Warehouse /Standard Warehouse / Distribution

  • 15,000 sq/ft Facility

  • C-TPAT Compliant

  • Fully Fenced/Restricted Access

  • Secured/Fenced Area for Mexican Broker Inspection/Previos

  • Automated Warehouse System with Barcode and e-mail notifications of In/Out activity

  • Complete menu of warehouse reports

  • Online Warehouse Access

  • Warehousing

  • Distribution

  • Cross-Docking

  • Export Packaging

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